Easy brand management

We have made an online home for you to manage and distribute your brand. Making your job easier and your branding more consistent.

With brandguide.io

Meet your suppliers with the correct assets

“Sorry, I cannot use the logo-file you sent me, can you send me X instead?”.  It is not always easy to know which files your print shop or your ad agency need. Most people do not know the difference between different color spaces and file types. Having your brand guide online and files easily accessible will make your work day easier, and your brand will be better taken care of.

Easy setup

Create new pages with text, images and assets in minutes with little to no training.

Easy management

Click, change text, update files. What you see is what you get. No complicated editors or CMS.

Easy access

Share a link with your suppliers or whoever you want. That´s it!
No need for logins and managing users
(unless you want to).

What about your brand?

Enjoy higher brand consistency
When everyone uses the right colors, logos, typography and correct files you will look more professional and your brand will shine brighter.
Avoid using wrong file-types
Sharing your online brand guide with your suppliers lets the experts choose what they need.
No time wasted
Sometimes your in a hurry to get something made (more often than not perhaps). No one needs to wait for your email any longer.

Want to see for yourself?

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